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Optomechanical Technician

Help create cutting-edge technology that uses optical equipment.

What does an Optomechanical Technician do?

What do the laser light on the wall leveler you use to hang pictures with and the scope on a rifle have in common? They were both assembled with the help of an Optomechanical Technician. This job requires acute attention to detail, a mechanical mind, and an understanding of engineering principles. That sounds like a lot, and it is, because as an Optomechanical Technician, you not only specialize in optical components, but are also well versed in mechanical and electrical systems.

Combining those three specialties together requires an engineering mind if you want to be a successful Optomechanical Technician. In fact, you commonly work side by side with Product Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and many other specialists on the project.

Teamwork is essential to the job, and you rarely work alone. However, you do have your own list of responsibilities, beginning with reading blueprints and other detailed instructions. You also locate and order parts, and plan for product deliveries. You might even help create the budget.

In addition to the administrative duties, you’ve got your hands all over the product. In fact, you commonly work on the assembly line, putting together laser components or telescope parts. It requires precision, so you check and double-check your work. After you’ve checked it twice, you might set up prototypes in preparation for the testing process.

This job has you helping to design new products and working on cutting-edge technology. If that sounds exciting to you, then grab the bull by the horns and get started today.