Optics Technician

Maintain and repair laser equipment.

What does an Optics Technician do?

The field of optics deals with light and how it behaves. From fiber optics to lasers, light allows our world to keep creating and powering new technologies. As an Optics Technician, you’re at the front of the line of Technicians who understand, repair, and test instruments used in the field of optics.

On the job you’ll examine and clean current equipment, fix technical problems that arise, and supervise others as needed to instruct them how to use the equipment. Often you’ll need to write down support documentation which explains how to use a particular instrument, such as a laser system. A new employee might not understand the proper way to operate or take care of the laser equipment and it’s your job to see that they learn these procedures to avoid damaging the equipment.

Though lasers are a large focus of the Optics Technician job, you may choose to deal in fiber optics instead. Fiber optics is a powerful technology for sending light signals, and is commonly used for telephone or internet lines. You will learn to identify the different types, make repairs, and install new fiber optics as needed. The business you work for will determine whether you’re more of a hands-on employee or an in-office employee that documents and cares for equipment instead of installing it.

Regardless if which job you take, as an Optics Technician you will constantly learn new things and keep up with the latest in the optics world.