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Optical Instrument Inspector

Inspect, clean, adjust and certify precision optical instruments.

What does an Optical Instrument Inspector do?

Inspects, cleans, adjusts and certifies precision optical measuring, sighting, aligning, and leveling instruments to ensure conformance to company, military, and governmental standards, using precision measuring instruments and handtools: Reads written and schematic specifications, handbooks, inspection manuals, and blueprints to determine inspection and certification data, such as required tolerances, adjustment and certification methods, formulas, and measuring instruments required. Inspects instruments to detect surface defects, such as chips, burrs, loose lenses, and mirrors, bent or broken parts, and presence of foreign matter. Removes defects, such as chips and burrs, using hand honing tool. Measures instrument parts, using gauges, and calculates degree of wear and looseness of parts, using established mathematical formulas. Verifies sighting and focal accuracy of instruments, such as transits and alignment scopes, using targets and mirror systems of established heights and distances. Turns setscrews to calibrate instruments to required tolerances. Cleans mirrors and lenses of instrument, using solvent, rags, and brushes, and secures certification tag to instrument. Routes defective instruments to repair or calibration laboratories. Maintains inspection records.