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Operations Research Director

Evaluate company operations and recommend improvements.

What does an Operations Research Director do?

Successful Chief Executive Officers are constantly on the lookout for ways to do more with less. By removing inefficiencies, they can make more money in less time, and receive ticker-tape parades from their stockholders. Spotting an inefficiency isn’t always easy, however, especially if the company has been doing the same steps in the same way for years.

An Operations Research Director can prove invaluable in this effort. As an Operations Research Director, you lead up a team that systematically reviews a company’s processes and suggests improvements.

Most Operations Research Directors supervise small teams of Engineers and Computer Programmers, but you may do much of the nitty-gritty research work yourself if you’re employed by a small company. The President and Chief Executive Officer tell you what areas of the company need improvement, and you hone in on those topics.

You may meet with the production department and listen to the methods they use to produce a new product. Then, you run computer simulations of new production methods, looking for ways to shave off precious minutes. Customer Service Representatives may use outdated computer programs that involve a lot of redundancy and inefficiency, and you develop new programs that can reduce the time they spend on the phone.

Running computer simulations of standard company procedures may also be helpful, as you may spot two employees performing exactly the same task at the same time. Eliminating this redundancy could save your company money.

At the end of your research, you present your findings in a written report, along with your recommendations about how the company can improve. If your recommendations are accepted, you continue to study and tweak your plans so the company can meet your ambitious goals.