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Operations Clerk

Provide administrative support to your company.

What does an Operations Clerk do?

Think of a standard business as a commercial kitchen. A Business Executive is a bit like a Chef in that they both make creative decisions and a final product. As an Operations Clerk, you’re a bit like every other employee in the kitchen, keeping track of orders, preparing raw materials, and doing basic cleanup.

Your Operations Clerk job title is considered an entry-level administrative support position, and your daily tasks vary depending on whom you work for and what your boss thinks you’re capable of doing. You’re supervised in everything you do when you’re an Operations Clerk. The more you excel at the menial tasks you’re given, the more likely that your boss will give you bigger tasks to fill up your day.

You may spend time with accounting programs, processing payments from clients, or with word processing programs, creating reports and memos based on information your boss gives you. You may also answer the phone and greet clients, order supplies for the office and put those supplies away when they arrive, and spend a significant amount of time filing paperwork.

While the office may be open for business eight to five, Monday through Friday, you may work much longer hours. At times, you may even be asked to work on weekends to help the company meet a looming deadline.

You participate in this work with a cheerful attitude, even if you must fake your enthusiasm until you actually feel it. Your coworkers are expecting this from you. Bring food as a pick-me-up on days when you’re not feeling cheerful.