Operational Risk Analyst

Evaluate, solve, or plan for problems that threaten business operations.

What does an Operational Risk Analyst do?

As an Operational Risk Analyst, you investigate the way an organization or business is run, look at the big picture, and fix or prepare for anything that might harm the company in the future. Risk causes loss of money, employees, and even safety. Your job as an Operational Risk Analyst is to make sure there’s as little risk in the workplace as possible.

If you enjoy logic puzzles, you’ll find this work satisfying. Strategy is the name of the game. Every day, a company loses money due to fraud, material waste, and product malfunction. Examining the way the business is run from every angle, as the Operational Risk Analyst, you document these activities and tighten up procedure.

Your perceptive eye sees what others don’t. Not only do you have the ability to recognize problems or potential hazards, but you also know how to resolve them. You look at departmental dependencies and operational standards, and even run mock disaster exercises.

It may seem like a monumental task and a lot of figure plotting, but never fear. You often work with a team of Analysts who pool their minds to solve the problems of risk.

Risk analyzing is all about looking over factors, sorting them, and making decisions about how to make an organization watertight. Think of a company as a ship. You’re the one who puts the boat in the water, makes sure nothing leaks, and patches up spots that seem weak. You can be the difference between a successful sail and a shipwreck.