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Opera Singer

Use your voice to create beautiful music for operas or other performances.

What does an Opera Singer do?

An Opera Singer has a special singing voice that’s known for its clarity, tone, power, and range. Because it’s uniquely suited to opera – a classical genre of theater that uses a combination of singing, music, and acting to tell a story – Opera Singers use their voice professionally to sing the libretto, or text, of operas, such as Mozart’s , Puccini’s , and Verdi’s , just to name a few.

When you’re an Opera Singer, your voice can be compared to a muscle — like the heart, for instance, which is the hardest-working muscle; the jaw muscle, which is the strongest; the eye muscles, which are the most active; and the gluteus maximus, which is the largest. That’s because your voice is just as big and just as powerful as any bicep.

Performing on stage in opera houses around the world, you’re paid to sing and act in front of audiences. Like an Actor, therefore, your days typically consist of auditions, rehearsals, and performances. More than that, though, you also make audio recordings – for instance, cast recordings of operas or solo recordings of original songs – and give recitals, showcasing your voice as a soloist.

Because Opera Singers require a tremendous amount of vocal training, you also spend a fair amount of time working with a Vocal Coach, who helps you exercise your voice – just like you would a muscle!