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Online Teacher



Share your expertise via the Internet.

What does an Online Teacher do?

Computers make it easy to connect with the world: With one click of a button, a person in China can watch a kitten walk across an Oklahoma kitchen floor. An Online Teacher will use this same technology for a less entertaining purpose. They use computers to instruct students who may be hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away.

When you’re an Online Teacher, you begin your class by determining what you’ll teach your students and how you’ll grade their work. If you’re teaching very young students, the state has specific lessons that you must help your students master. If you’re teaching older students, however, you have more leeway in your lesson plan when you’re an Online Teacher.

You work closely with an eLearning Coordinator. They help you develop your lesson plan, and work with a Computer Programmer to create specific tests, presentations, and graphics for your use.

In some classes, you deliver formal lectures to your students while your image is streamed across the Internet. In others, you teach your lessons through online chat, asking and answering questions using your fast-moving fingers. In yet other classes, you provide a series of slides for the students to study, and you test their recall of the images.

Often, you choose books for your students to read during the course of the class. Finding books that are available for e-readers may be wise, as your students may be uncomfortable using books made of paper.

At the end of the course, you ask them to do a task so you can assess their knowledge. Tests, quizzes, and papers are all excellent choices, and you give each student a grade based on the results. You post their grades online, and also report those grades to the School Administrator.

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