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Online Product Manager

See a digital product through from the first idea to the last ad campaign.

What does an Online Product Manager do?

An Online Product Manager is the ” CEO ” of a single web-based product, such as a piece of software, a website, a web development tool, or a mobile application. Just like a traditional Product Manager, the Online Product Manager oversees that product’s lifecycle from the cradle to the grave.

Because you can’t physically touch them, online products often seem amorphous. Unlike cars, houses, or computers, it’s therefore difficult to appreciate what’s required to bring them to market. Make no mistake, though: Online products don’t just appear out of thin air. Just like offline products, they must be painstakingly conceptualized, built, and marketed, usually under the tutelage of an Online Product Manager.

It starts with market research. As an Online Product Manager, you collaborate with Market Researchers, surveying customers to find out what they need and want. Based on their answers, you come up with an idea for a new product. Next, you manage Software Developers, Software Engineers, and Software Architects as they produce a beta version that functions as a prototype for consumers to test, which they do, initiating several rounds of edits and improvements.

Once the product is finalized, you work with Sales Representatives and Marketing Managers to decide how the product will be priced, distributed, promoted, and sold. Finally, once the product’s launched, you manage its growth until it’s time to replace the old version with a new one.

A Project Manager who’s in charge of a product instead of a project, you’re basically the person who makes sure digital products are produced on time, on budget, and — most importantly — on par with customer expectations, as your most important job is making sure the online product is something consumers want, need, and can use.