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Online Merchant

Sell and advertise products online.

What does an Online Merchant do?

Merchants once peddled their wares from carts, pushing them along the roadside or setting up little shops in busy towns. Today, you can skip loading your products in wooden wagons and still reach customers the world over through the power of the internet. As a top-selling Online Merchant, you sketch out groundbreaking sales plans and product pitches that customers can’t resist.

Selling is your primary goal when you’re an Online Merchant. An effective sales campaign includes catchy advertising, an understanding of the people you’re selling to, and a high-quality product. It’s a balancing act, but one you’re more than capable of handling. Throughout the day, as an Online Merchant, you review how well your items sell, and read customer feedback for ideas on how to improve.

To make it as a top-notch Salesperson, you’ll need more than a winning personality. Long gone are the days when Peddlers could slap the words “Miracle Cure” on a bottle and it would sell like crazy. Today, you think outside the box to create attention-grabbing ad campaigns and reach your target audience—the people most likely to buy your product. You wouldn’t advertise false teeth to college students, and relying on internet ads to sell to a small community with few computers is just asking for failure.

To keep your company in the number one spot with consumers, you ensure that your products sell, and sell well. More importantly, though, you make sure your products live up to their promises.