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Online Media Buyer



Buy advertising space on the Internet for your clients.

What does an Online Media Buyer do?

An Online Media Buyer creates web-based advertising strategies. The Internet offers choices in the form of emails, reference links, banners, interactive games, videos, and of course good ol’ fashioned ads in the corner of a web page, the way it would appear in a newspaper or magazine. It’s your job as an Online Media Buyer to find the best combination of those to create the most effective campaign for the least amount of money.

With the improvement of technology and the ever-growing “space” of the internet, online media is an exciting and constantly changing medium for advertisers. As a Media Buyer, you will most likely be working for an ad agency, or for a large corporation, if they need people to specifically run their ad department. But while traditional Media Buyers work with print media and buy space, you, working with online media, are buying time. You will first develop a campaign for the product as the Online Media Buyer and then you will figure out what the absolute best way is to deliver that message to the public.

True, you will be responsible for things that are annoying about the Internet (spam, pop-ups, and ads whose sound is turned up curiously high), but you might also be the one who comes up with the next big campaign to go viral, thanks to your most powerful tools: social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

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