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Online Managing Editor

Choose and organize the text that goes into a website.

What does an Online Managing Editor do?

An Online Managing Editor is an Editor who handles online content. You see, while the Internet can be used to book flights, buy birthday gifts, watch movies, and even meet future spouses, what people do online the most is read. Whether it’s a website, blog, digital magazine, newsletter, or email, it includes text that’s published electronically for people to read on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. And where there’s text, there are Editors who edit it.

As an Online Managing Editor, you’re one of those Editors. Just like a traditional Managing Editor, who typically works for a newspaper or a magazine, it’s your job as an Online Managing Editor to manage the production of editorial content, including news stories, feature articles, and other types of written material. Sometimes you produce the content yourself, acting as a Writer and Journalist by interviewing sources, reporting facts, and writing stories. Usually, though, you’re in charge of managing other people’s content, which requires developing ideas for articles, assigning those articles to Writers, proofreading the articles when they’re turned in, and collaborating with Web Designers to produce and publish the finished articles online.

Because you’re an Online Managing Editor, your definition of “editing” isn’t just correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation. When you edit an article, you also test its functionality. For instance, you make sure the article looks right in various Internet browsers, you check any links in the article to make sure they’re not broken, and you test any related article features, such as interactive videos, polls, or animations.

At the end of the day, you’re a Manager like any other: You supervise the people and processes involved in publishing digital content to make sure everything happens on time, on budget, and on message!