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Online Customer Service Representative

Use online tools and social media to help unsatisfied customers.

What does an Online Customer Service Representative do?

With instant messaging and texting replacing traditional phone calls, the customer service industry is following suit and offering online customer service to clients. Working as an Online Customer Service Representative lets you answer questions, solve problems, and take orders from customers through online chat. Online Customer Service Representatives often work from home, though some work at call centers and provide phone support as well.

To work as an Online Customer Service Representative, you need to type quickly and keep calm when dealing with the occasional upset customer. A customer may have a complaint or may simply need help placing an order. The goal is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

For every customer you help, you need to create a record of the transaction. Often, the computer does this automatically, but if you need to make changes to a customer’s account or product order, you record these changes manually. When a Supervisor checks your work, they want to know what you changed and why.

The challenge of working online compared to working as a Call Center Representative who talks to customers by phone is the level of interaction. Giving instructions or understanding a customer’s questions becomes trickier when everything must be typed. Deciphering customers’ intentions and giving brief, simple responses is the key to successful communication.

Providing top-notch customer service is one of the building blocks of a successful business. You’re the face of the company and the one who keeps customers coming back.