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Online Community Manager



Create, maintain, and participate in online groups to help marketing.

What does an Online Community Manager do?

An Online Community Manager builds, monitors, and manages virtual communities, including social networks, message boards, blogs, and interactive multiplayer games. Obviously, it’s a different kind of community, not a physical place where people live together in close proximity, connected to one another by shared environments, relationships, and responsibilities. The job title of Online Community Manager entails something else entirely.

It’s about networks instead of neighbors. It’s more global than local. It’s about shared interests instead of shared geography. That’s your domain when you’re an Online Community Manager.

Employed by private corporations, nonprofits, media companies, and other organizations — usually as part of their public relations or marketing departments — you’re a mediator between brands and consumers. Your chief responsibility as an Online Community Manager, therefore, is to use the Internet to electronically distribute company news, product updates, multimedia content, and thought leadership. For instance, you post status updates on your employer’s Facebook page, send tweets to its Twitter followers, upload videos to its YouTube page, and write posts on its blog.

Because the best online communities facilitate two-way communications, however, you don’t just post; you also listen and respond — by monitoring online mentions of your company, for instance, answering questions in Internet forums, and exchanging dialogue with both critics and fans in user-generated comments sections.

In addition to participating in online communities, your job is also is policing them, moderating company content and user comments for illegal or inappropriate activity.

Simply put, you’re your company’s online Urban Planner, charged with building a virtual Main Street that channels all the power of an offline community into an online medium.

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