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Online Communications Coordinator

Use the Internet to promote a company.

What does an Online Communications Coordinator do?

Between Twitter, Skype, and the latest app available for the iPhone, communication has radically changed in recent years. In order to keep up with changes, both current and future, companies-from nonprofits to major organizations-have started hiring the position of an Online Communications Coordinator.

In this role of an Online Communications Coordinator, you make sure everything a company does online, from its website to its social media outreach, follows the company’s mission statement and puts the organization in the best light. It’s your Online Communications Coordinator job title, to create an online presence for your company that alerts people to the product or idea you want to sell.

This role calls for a lot of PR and marketing work, mixed with some web magic. You might do things like writing and editing articles for the company’s electronic newsletter, creating facebook and twitter accounts, and connecting with other organizations or companies through their blogs.

You keep track of how many people are viewing the company website or e-mail alerts, and then figure out ways to increase that number. You also stay on the lookout for negative information about your company. To do this, you regularly check youtube and industry blogs to see how your company gets portrayed.

On the web side of things, you do a lot of technical work to make sure the website stays up and running. You do things like updating links on the website, managing online advertisements, and making sure the website is easy to navigate.