Online Campaign Manager

Head up political, marketing, or education campaigns via the Internet.

What does an Online Campaign Manager do?

An Online Campaign Manager is an Internet Marketer who manages a company’s or client’s online activities in pursuit of measurable goals. If the Internet were a digital Swiss Army knife whose “blades” include tools for information searching, chatting with friends, downloading software, sharing videos, etc., an Online Campaign Manager would be the expert on its tools for advertising, promoting, and advocating.

As an Online Campaign Manager, however, you’re not like a Marketing Coordinator or Public Relations Coordinator in that you’re not concerned with routine and ongoing Internet marketing tasks. Instead, you’re focused on short-term efforts and objectives.

After all, a campaign — whether it’s a political campaign, a military campaign, or a fundraising campaign — is an organized operation that’s intended to achieve a specific outcome within a specific time period. An online campaign is no different.

Like the job of a Marketing Project Manager, therefore, your work is extremely project-oriented, with each campaign having a clear budget, schedule, and goals. Those goals could involve selling products online, attracting “likes” on Facebook, generating page views on a website, or achieving click-throughs and opens with an email newsletter. Always, however, it’s your job as an Online Campaign Manager to set objectives, establish benchmarks, and then develop and execute a plan of action.

That plan of action likely includes a variety of Internet marketing strategies — for instance, blogging, social media, email, website development, and search engine optimization — and it’s your responsibility to manage all of them. Because that might involve everything from copywriting and content creation to coalition building and data analysis, your job is best described this way: You plan it, you do it, and then you measure it!