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Online Advertising Manager

Promote your company online through websites and social networking.

What does an Online Advertising Manager do?

Online advertising is a boon for any modern business. In addition to print ads and billboards, it now qualifies as its own complete form of advertising. And it’s effective if you know how to manage it.

That’s why companies hire Online Advertising Managers. As an Online Advertising Manager, you’re in charge of everything related to your company’s online presence.

Most companies have a website where they promote their business, offer customer support, post news, and relay details about their products or services. Many now also maintain Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking pages. These have all become a great way to promote upcoming giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and other promotions.

In addition to making decisions about what should go on these pages as an Online Advertising Manager, you also oversee the advertising campaigns on other internet pages. For example, your company might pay for advertising on another site, so you watch the number of customers that are directed from that site to yours.

Of course, being the Manager, you may be in charge of other advertising staff. You also report to upper management, work with design teams, and are ever vigilant about the advertising budget.

Because you’re so internet savvy, you’re always evaluating other methods for your advertising dollars. Email marketing, banners, contracts with other advertisers, and SEO (search engine optimization) all find a place of consideration in your busy schedule.