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Online Advertising Analyst

Survey which Internet sites and strategies are best for advertising.

What does an Online Advertising Analyst do?

Advertising is a major component of any business. The process of deciding how much of the budget to spend on print ads, billboards, and promotions drowns many desks with paperwork. Over the last several years, however, a new avenue has opened up, shaking up the entire idea of advertising. That avenue is the internet.

As an Online Advertising Analyst, you are in charge of finding out which online activities are drawing in business, and which are a waste of advertising time and money. You do this as an Online Advertising Analyst by scouring company websites and any social networking pages related to the companies, their business names, or the products or services they promote.

In addition to reading comments and questions from customers, you break down the technical components, such as the number of click thrus. Click thrus are the banner or other advertisements on a page that the internet user clicks on for more information. You also monitor the number of followers or “likers” on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and analyze giveaways, contests, and coupons.

With all this information, you begin to gather an understanding of which advertisements are working. For example, if you pay for a banner on two home improvement sites, you’ll easily be able to measure which one is a better fit for your customer base. You then use this data to prepare reports, make forecasts, and help decide when and where to launch the next advertising campaign as an Online Advertising Analyst.