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Oiling Machine Operator

Tend machines that immerse hardboard sheets in oil to impart smooth finish.

What does an Oiling Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that immerses hardboard sheets in oil to impart smooth finish and cuts sheets to size preparatory to tempering: Adjusts position of saws to cut sheets to specified length and width. Observes gauge and turns steam valve to fill oil reservoir and maintain oil at prescribed temperature. Starts feed conveyors, saws, and automatic sheet-stacking mechanism. Feeds uncoated sheets into machine and pulls table saw across end of each sheet before coating to remove irregular edges. Observes sheets for presence of coating flaws, scratches, and oil droplets on surface. Grades hardboard sheets according to defects and size. Places board beneath each stack of oiled sheets and inverts top sheet to protect surfaces against marring during storage or further processing. Keeps records of rejected hardboard sheets for shift log.