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Oil Well Services Supervisor

Supervise the workers in operating pumping and blending equipment.

What does an Oil Well Services Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating pumping and blending equipment to cement, acidize, and fracture oil and gas wells: Confers with SUPERINTENDENT, DRILLING AND PRODUCTION to determine well conditions, pipe sizes, and characteristics of oil-or-gas-bearing rock formations to be treated. Computes amount of cement, acid, or fracturing material to be used and devises procedures to be followed according to conditions of individual wells. Directs workers in mixing and blending of cement, acid, and other chemicals and in assembling and connecting pipe and pipe fittings between pumping equipment and well head. Observes dials and pressure gauges to ensure that specified pump pressure is being maintained and that equipment is functioning properly. Informs workers when adjustments are needed and directs maintenance and repair of equipment. Assigns new employees to experienced worker for on-the-job training and assists in training. Evaluates job performance of workers and recommends personnel actions, such as promotions, pay raises, or discharges. May operate blending and pumping equipment and connect pipe and pipe fittings between pumping equipment and well head during peak work periods or for training purposes. May contact established customers to solicit work and maintain good will.