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Oil Well Perforator Operator

Operate truck-mounted hoisting equipment and electrical control panels.

What does an Oil Well Perforator Operator do?

Operates truck-mounted hoisting equipment and electrical control panel to position and explode charges in oil or gas wells to pierce drill pipes, casings, tubings, and fracture earth formations: Assembles tools and equipment at well site, using handtools. Lowers perforating gun into well, using hoist. Observes odometer, weight indicator, and instrument panel in truck, and positions gun at predetermined point in well. Moves controls at panelboard to detonate charge in gun which propels bullets through wall of bore to pierce or fracture oil- or gas-bearing formations, or to ignite chemical charge which burns fissures in rock formations for passage of oil or processing fluid, such as mud or cement. Observes instrument on control panel to verify detonation of charge in gun. Repairs electrical instruments, using electrician’s handtools. Loads perforating guns at well site for special shots.