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Oil Rig Mechanic

Keep ocean drilling platforms' machinery running smoothly.

What does an Oil Rig Mechanic do?

The world runs on energy, and oil is one of the most vital forms of it. As an Oil Rig Mechanic, you’re responsible for the maintenance and repair of the powerful machinery that draws this precious substance up from deep within the earth. Using a wide array of tools and your Oil Rig Mechanic knowledge of heavy machinery, you analyze systems, determine courses of action for preventative maintenance, replace faulty parts, and participate in safety reviews.

Oils rigs are by their very nature dangerous, so you need to have a keen eye for safety. You use a wide variety of protective gear in your job as an Oil Rig Mechanic- from hardhats and goggles to heavy gloves and coveralls. Your ability to judge situations and communicate effectively with Supervisors and teammates is also crucial to everyone’s safety. Stopping problems before they occur is the most important thing you can do.

You can find oil rigs in a variety of settings: on the open water, in the desert, or the frozen plains of Alaska or Canada. You work indoors and outdoors, on exposed surfaces or inside cramped access corridors. These challenging conditions only make it more rewarding when you hear the satisfying hum of the machines working perfectly.

Rigs in remote locations come with crew quarters on site (especially open water rigs). Workers typically work long hours in rotating shifts before being switched out for a break, usually lasting a couple of weeks.