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Oil Recovery Unit Operator

Control equipment to separate recoverable oil from refinery sewage systems.

What does an Oil Recovery Unit Operator do?

Controls processing equipment to separate recoverable oil from refinery sewage system: Starts pumps, observes flowmeters and pressure meters, and turns valves to regulate directional flow of oil, water, solids, chemicals, and air, according to operating procedures. Turns handwheels to control skimming devices that collect sprung oil from reservoirs of separation units. Opens valves on steam heat-exchanger to raise temperature of skimmed oil to treating temperature. Mixes and blends caustic cleansing and demulsifying chemicals into oil to remove impurities and water. Turns valves to pump reclaimed oil to storage tanks, solids to disposal unit, and water to oxidation ponds or to separator unit for recycling. Records amount of oil reclaimed, amount of water or impurities removed, and specified data concerning operating condition of processing equipment.