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Oil Field Equipment Mechanic

Repair, maintain, and install oil well drilling machineries and equipment.

What does an Oil Field Equipment Mechanic do?

Repairs, maintains, and installs oil well drilling machinery and equipment, using handtools and following oral and written work orders: Attaches hoisting cables to pumps, transmissions, diesel engines, and other equipment at drill sites, lashes equipment to trucks for transfer to repair yard, and guides lowering of equipment onto blocks in or near repair shop. Disassembles engines and mechanical units, using hand and power wrenches, screwdrivers, and other handtools. Cleans parts, such as pistons, valves, and parts of transmissions and clutches, using steam hose and detergents. Inspects parts for defects. Installs specified new or reconditioned parts, such as relined brake bands and clutch plates, sprockets, pump cylinders, and other parts of engines and mud pumps. Reassembles complete units. Tests function of pumps and other mechanical units, using auxiliary power. Test-runs engines at various speeds and observes efficiency of operations. Welds broken structures, such as engine mounts, hand rails, machine guards, and pipe racks, using electric and acetylene welding equipment. Paints reconditioned units, using spray gun. Installs repaired equipment at drill sites, observes operations, and readjusts components, as necessary. May maintain, repair, and install machinery and equipment at drill sites and be designated Field Mechanic.