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Oil Burner Servicer and Installer

Install and service automatic oil burners in furnaces.

What does an Oil Burner Servicer and Installer do?

Installs and services automatic oil burners in furnaces in homes and commercial establishments, using handtools and pipe-threading tools: Assembles and positions oil-storage tank between furnace and wall of building. Drills holes in wall and affixes oil inlet and outlet pipes from storage tank through holes to outside of building. Removes ashpit and grate bars from furnace and installs burner in opening. Seals space around burner with plaster. Connects pipe to storage tank and burner to convey oil. Installs thermostatic control and damper in chimney. Observes color and height of flame and volume of smoke emitted to determine causes of faulty operation. Examines flue draft, using draftstat, and changes balance weight to adjust damper. May install and service automatic coal stokers.