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Oil and Gas Drafter

Draft plans and drawings for layout and operation of oil fields.

What does an Oil and Gas Drafter do?

Drafts plans and drawings for layout, construction, and operation of oil fields, refineries, and pipeline systems from field notes, rough or detailed sketches, and specifications: Develops detail drawings for construction of equipment and structures, such as drilling derricks, compressor stations, gasoline plants, frame, steel, and masonry buildings, piping manifolds and pipeline systems, and for manufacture, fabrication, and assembly of machines and machine parts [DRAFTER, ARCHITECTURAL; DRAFTER, CIVIL; DRAFTER, MECHANICAL]. Prepares maps of pipeline systems and oil and gas locations, using field survey notes and aerial photographs [DRAFTER, CARTOGRAPHIC]. May draft topographical maps or develop maps to represent geological stratigraphy and locations of oil and gas deposits, using geological and geophysical prospecting and surveying data [DRAFTER, GEOLOGICAL; DRAFTER, GEOPHYSICAL].