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Odor Tester



Alter the chemical components of products to make them smell good.

What does an Odor Tester do?

As an Odor Tester, you always keep your nose to the grindstone. Literally. You’re known for your keen ability to precisely identify scents, and you probably even walk around your house sniffing stuff.

Using chemistry (and your nose), you’re able as an Odor Tester to adjust the scent of just about any product. You possess a unique skill set when you’re a Odor Tester, that is highly sought after by all kinds of companies.

At times, it can be a truly funky job. For example, you might test the effectiveness of a new deodorant, or try to make the headache-inducing fumes from nail polish a bit more pleasant. Other times, however, you could be making sure the latest eau de parfum from a fancy French fashion house hits all the right notes. Or, you could spend your days sniffing and adjusting microwaveable meals, hoping to make that frozen dish of macaroni and cheese smell tantalizingly homemade.

No matter which industry you make a career of nosing around, you spend a great deal of time in a laboratory, evaluating results and correcting the balance of the scent. You’re a Scientist, after all, and you understand how making a change in the product’s chemical makeup will affect the smell it gives off.

At the end of the day, your job makes a terrific icebreaker at cocktail parties. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing that every day, people all over the world use a product that you’ve helped improved. Oh, the sweet smell of success!

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