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Occupational Therapist Aide



Perform administrative duties at an occupational therapy clinic.

What does an Occupational Therapist Aide do?

With patients constantly coming and going, an Occupational Therapist’s office would be a den of chaos without the able assistance of an Occupational Therapist Aide. While the Occupational Therapist and his assistant work on treatment plans for the patients, you hold the fort as the Occupational Therapist Aide, filing patient paperwork, updating charts, and working with new patients to schedule appointments and sort out insurance information. If the office were a lion, you’d be the Lion Tamer.

General daily Occupational Therapist Aide duties include answering the phone, greeting new patients, and updating files to reflect a patient’s progress after treatment. It’s a mess of information that threatens to swirl out of control without you to keep it in line. Thankfully, offices are making the move from paper to electronic filing systems, and instead of searching for the “B” folder, you simply type it in on the keyboard.

Public relations is the other major component of your job. Organizing data so Therapists can find it instantly is certainly important, but what you really give back to the community is your welcoming attitude toward the clinic’s patients. From the regular visitor to the frazzled newcomer, you greet and work with each one to ensure everything’s in order. No one wants to leave and realize they forgot to schedule their next appointment or didn’t report their insurance information.

You’re the key element that keeps the office functioning from day to day. Without your services, patients would never receive proper care.

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