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Occupational Health and Safety Technician

Gather information to see how safe a workplace is.

What does an Occupational Health and Safety Technician do?

An Occupational Health and Safety Technician works with Occupational Health and Safety Specialists to keep the workplace safe. This prevents harm to workers, property, the environment, and the public. The kind of work that you do as an Occupational Health and Safety Technician in offices, factories, and even mines decreases employee sick days, and increases productivity and profits. That’s makes you a hero in the eyes of employers.

As an Occupational Health and Safety Technician, you report to the Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. You’re mostly there to help your boss with whatever work they need done. For example, you collect data for the Specialist to analyze.

Additionally, your work entails designing safe work spaces, testing air quality, and performing safety inspections on machines and the workplace in general. You also handle and test a lot of samples (which you use in your reports to the Specialist), as well as prepare and calibrate equipment.

Aside from materials and equipment, you also work with employees. You help implement new safety procedures, and train employees on how to work with the utmost safety in mind. For example, you ensure that employees in a factory setting are properly wearing protective gear at all times.

Of course, through all this, your own safety is also of utmost concern. You are, after all, an expert on safety, and you should practice what you preach.