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Handle everything to do with child birth, from pregnancy to post-delivery.

What does an Obstetrician do?

This is a job where you literally bring new life into the world. As an Obstetrician, you are a medically trained Doctor who evaluates women during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-delivery. Being an Obstetrician is an endlessly rewarding job as you witness baby after baby forever change the lives of their parents.

A healthy baby is all that every parent hopes for, and as an Obstetrician, you help make that a reality. You might work with couples struggling with infertility, helping them identify ways to become pregnant. Or you might specialize in other areas, such as high-risk pregnancies or adolescent parenthood.

With today’s modern technology, you’re able to closely monitor pregnancies and identify potential problems early on. This is great news for babies and mothers who face an experience that used to have a high mortality rate. You perform regular exams, review the patient’s family medical history, order blood tests and ultrasounds, and use the information you gather to create a holistic picture of the patient.

Babies have minds of their own, even while they’re in the womb, so expect to be on call-a lot. Day or night, when you get the call, you head to the hospital so you can see your patient through delivery and into parenthood. You closely monitor the labor for signs of distress, provide emotional support, and deliver the baby into the bright new world he or she will call home.