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Nursery Manager

Manage a nursery and oversee the development and growth of plants.

What does a Nursery Manager do?

A nursery manager grows plants, shrubs, flowers, ornamental plants, or vegetables for sale to trade or retail customers. You’ll be supervising staff members and assigning work schedules. A nursery manager is responsible for maintaining and keeping the plants healthy by using appropriate fertilizers and pesticides. You’ll have to oversee that soil conditions are right. Maintaining stocks of fertilizers, seeds, disease control chemicals, and equipment is also part of your job as a nursery manager.

A nursery manager plans the method of growth and number of horticultural plants to grow. These plants could be used for sale, trade, or retail customers, for display in exhibitions, or for research. You’ll have to determine the best places to grow your plants, such as greenhouses, hydroponics, or natural settings.

A thorough knowledge of horticulture is a must, generally acquired by a degree in horticulture. Other skills and qualities are commercial awareness and good organizational skills.