Nurse Paralegal

Use your knowledge of nursing to assist Lawyers with malpractice suits.

What does a Nurse Paralegal do?

A Nurse Paralegal serves both as a Nurse and as a right hand to Lawyers representing medical cases. You typically hold down a day job when you’re a Nurse Paralegal and offer consulting in your off hours. However, there are Nurse Paralegals who work full-time in the Paralegal position, leaving their nursing duties behind.

Either way,as a Nurse Paralegal, your employer is often an insurance company looking to resolve a malpractice suit, a Lawyer representing a personal injury case, or a person involved in a worker’s compensation trial. You might also use your critical eye to review articles for medical journals, verifying accuracy and technical details before they are published.

To assist with the case, you scrutinize the evidence with your medically-trained eye. Your knowledge is key because not only do you have an understanding of the law in relation to medical cases, but you can easily decipher the medical terminology in records. This skill saves the legal team a lot of time, and reduces mistakes in the translation of details about the client’s case.

You might also set up interviews with witnesses in preparation for their testimony. In addition, you search recorded legal papers in search of cases similar to yours. After all the background research is done, you help formulate the case by preparing documents and coordinating court dates.

This is a niche job for which you must have the right qualifications. Your nursing experience is irreplaceable in the process, but you must also be trained in the legal field.