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Nurse Midwife

Advise expectant mothers and assist in child birth.

What does a Nurse Midwife do?

Long ago, before modern medicine came along, Midwives soothed expectant mothers through the pains of childbirth, and delivered babies. Today, the whole process has become easier for both mothers and medical professionals because technology has reduced the risk of birth complications. Yet many women still want a natural birth. As a Nurse Midwife, you merge the miracle of the natural birth experience with the safety of modern procedures.

“Midwife” still brings to mind the image of a woman sitting in a dark bedroom while a mother gives birth. But today a Nurse Midwife looks like normal Nurses, white coat and all. As a Nurse Midwife, you typically work at a hospital, clinic, or birth center. This ensures help is on hand when necessary. And, in contrast to the all-women image, at least two percent of the workforce in this field are men.

In this job, you are responsible for examining an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy to check her and her baby’s health. You discuss birth options and what it’s like to be a parent. You may be the sole care provider, or work on a team with the patient’s Doctors. It’s up to you to follow the patient’s wishes on how much medication, such as painkiller, to be administered during delivery.

The real miracle occurs when the expectant mother gives birth. It’s a joyous time, and you help her through the process by providing comfort and encouragement during any painful moments. You keep a close watch on her health, and if a problem arises, you consult a Doctor. It’s this type of judgment call that ensures both the baby and the mother make it through safely.