Nurse Life Care Planner

Develop long-term plans for victims of life-changing illness and injury.

What does a Nurse Life Care Planner do?

Spinal cord injuries, amputations, severe burns – accidents happen, and when they do, they change their victims’ lives forever. Nurse Life Care Planners help patients recover from severe accidents and illnesses that require long-term health care plans. A Nurse Life Care Planner maps out the treatment the patient will need and how much it will cost.

A paralyzed woman needs round-the-clock treatment since she cannot care for herself, while a child in a car accident may need years of physical therapy to recover. Without planning out these treatments in advance, the patients wouldn’t receive the assistance they need. As a Nurse Life Care Planner, you know exactly what services your patients need, both now and in the future. You’re an advocate for their health and well-being, standing up to anyone who tries to deny them necessary health care services.

You may work in a hospital with Doctors and other Nurses, or you may work as a Consultant for families or businesses. Your expert advice can help convince insurance companies to cover treatment costs, or it can help a patient win a court case by demonstrating just how much money her accident has cost her. Most of your day is spent talking with patients and their families as well as drawing up treatment plans.

Though you see a lot of sad situations in your line of work, you also see hope. You give patients a reason to keep pushing onward, and help take the stress out of life care planning.