Nurse Liaison

Coordinate the care patients need to receive in a hospital.

What does a Nurse Liaison do?

As the name implies—”liaison” meaning communications between people in the workplace—clear communication is your goal as a Nurse Liaison. From the moment a patient is referred to your hospital until they walk out the door, as the Nurse Liaison, you act as the force driving effective communications between all parties in charge of caring for your patient. Keeping everyone in the loop on the patient’s condition gives way to speedy and effective treatment plans.

Think of yourself as the link between patients and the medical staff as a Nurse Liaison. Case Managers, Doctors, and other Caregivers must work together to form a detailed treatment plan. You act as the catalyst that kicks off this plan and keeps it moving full steam ahead.

Major responsibilities for every patient include reviewing who meets admission criteria, verifying insurance information, and explaining treatment plans to the patient and his family. You also serve as the go-to person for scheduling physical therapy appointments and other procedures.

During the patient’s stay, you keep the medical staff on track to see that the proper paperwork is filed and tests are performed as scheduled. When a patient is ready for discharge or needs to be referred to a different care facility, you talk to your network of Doctors and Caregivers to make arrangements. Though a long-term stay at a hospital isn’t a thrilling experience, you make sure it’s at least a stress-free one.