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Nurse Informaticist



Equip nurses with technology to enable high-quality patient care.

What does a Nurse Informaticist do?

A nurse informaticist is the person who connects nurses with the computers, machines, software, and information they need to do their jobs. Technology is everywhere in today’s world, and hospitals and other nursing facilities are no exception. From computerized patient files to machines that monitor organ function, nearly every field of nursing has turned to technology to help provide patient care. Your job as a nurse informaticist is to work with nurses to make sure they have the best equipment, know how to use it, and have access to support when they have problems.

Being a nurse informaticist is an exciting position that combines your understanding of nursing with your passion for technology. To best help the nurses you support, you spend a lot of time evaluating the best equipment for their specific needs. Those needs vary depending on whether they work in acute care, long-term care, or labor and delivery. For example, in-home care might require blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heart monitors. So you obtain and set up those machines. Then you ensure that they transmit the patient data to the doctor or home health nurse.

Another aspect of your job is online education. You work with an instructor to set up remote classrooms and online course information. Your input is used to establish what the nurses need to know and the best way to present it. If all of that isn’t enough, you also write, modify, and demonstrate specialized programs for the nursing field.

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