Nurse Epidemiologist

Help Epidemiologists track and control the spread of diseases.

What does a Nurse Epidemiologist do?

When an unknown disease hits an area or population, Epidemiologists are like superheroes who swoop in to investigate and stop its spread. As a Nurse Epidemiologist, you serve as their sidekick.

While Doctors and researchers look for the causes of the disease, you, the Nurse Epidemiologist, investigate the community. You find out how the illness has spread from person to person, and then come up with the best way to educate people about it. This helps keep the disease in check.

Since every area of the country is different, no two disease outbreaks are handled the same way. Because of this, you spend a lot of your days investigating and observing. You look to pinpoint the exact reason the disease has been able to take hold and spread the way it has among the group infected.

This might mean looking at things like how often people gather for meetings or church, how community births or deaths are handled, or how communal food sources are stored. These types of questions will not only help you find out how the disease was introduced, but also give insight into how you can stop its spread.

Nurse Epidemiologists need good communication skills. Not only do you work with a team of people, including Doctors and researchers, but you also work a lot with the public. Once a disease has been identified, it then becomes your job to educate people on how to stop it. You can hold town meetings, introduce new sanitation requirements, and encourage lifestyle changes.