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Nurse Educator

Teach university students about nursing.

What does a Nurse Educator do?

A nurse educator is a teaching position performed at the college level. You teach anyone from first-year students to postgraduates, and either specialize in one subject or cover a range.

Your typical day as a nurse educator is similar to that of a teacher. You design coursework for your students, present lectures, and assign homework, tests, quizzes, group projects, reports, and term papers. Once the assigned work is turned in, you correct the work and record grades for each student. This could mean a lot of work, especially in larger schools where your students could number hundreds per term. It’s your job to evaluate your students’ performance and assign grades. You also make yourself available for consultation, to answer questions and mentor students about the field of nursing.

Outside the classroom, nurse educators also provide information for different groups of people. This might mean presenting material at a nursing seminar or lecturing at other events. You might also choose to work strictly in research and then share your findings with pertinent groups of nursing students.

If you specialize in one disease, you might work to educate patients about it. You do this by organizing workshops at the hospital or another location in the community. Through your efforts, patients and their families are made aware of diseases, symptoms, side effects, treatments, and support available in the community.

The bottom line is that you share your knowledge. So if you’re a nurse who thinks this could be the next step in your career, work towards your doctorate degree and watch for openings in your area.