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Nurse Consultant

Apply your medical experience to legal and business environments.

What does a Nurse Consultant do?

Working as a Nurse requires being skilled at understanding people’s needs, having strong listening skills, and looking out for the best interest of others. But not all Nurses tend to ailing patients. Some, such as Nurse Consultants, help put policies and training programs in place that ensure quality care for patients and fair working conditions for Doctors and Nurses. Nurse Consultants also use their knowledge of the medical field to help Lawyers during trial, and businesses while implementing new health insurance policies.

As a Nurse Consultant, you commonly work in the legal realm. In this position, you provide professional testimony that the courts used to have to pay Doctors for. You also offer your expertise to research prior cases, analyze medical data, and evaluate actions of the medical staff for malpractice suits.

If you’re not in the courtroom, you might spend your days consulting with Business Owners. You educate the top echelons about ways to keep their employees well. You might also give advice about the best corporate healthcare policies, such as how to provide sick days, what mental health benefits to cover, and how much time to allow an employee following surgery. In addition, you might offer your two cents about different company-sponsored insurance plans.

Then again, you might hang out in the hospital. But, instead of donning scrubs, you work to improve the hospital policies concerning pay, work schedules, charting procedures, privacy issues, medication management, staff training, or myriad other policies concerning staff and patients.