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Nurse Attorney

Use your nursing knowledge to provide legal advice on health care.

What does a Nurse Attorney do?

A Nurse Attorney is either a Nurse with a legal degree or an Attorney with a nursing degree. It’s one of the world’s great (not to mention surprising) flavor combinations, along with chocolate and vanilla, peanut butter and jelly, and lemon and lime. Powerful on its own, each job is especially effective when it’s combined with the other, resulting in a single occupation: Nurse Attorney.

As a Nurse Attorney, you’ve got expertise and education in both health care and law, which affords you the unique opportunity of caring for patients in both courtrooms and clinics. Because you’ve got both a law degree and a nursing license, you’ve got many employment options to choose from.

For example, as a Nurse Attorney, you can work for a law firm representing Doctors and Nurses in malpractice cases. You can work with the same law firm, meanwhile, as a Consultant on healthcare- and medical-related cases, or as an expert witness. On the flip side, you can be a Legal Consultant to hospitals, healthcare providers, and insurance companies, or a Lobbyist who advocates for public policy on behalf of nursing associations, Physicians, or other healthcare-related special interests.

Whatever path you choose, you typically spend your days engrossed in both medicine and law. As a result, you rarely treat patients. Instead, you treat the larger healthcare system, utilizing your dual knowledge to protect, defend, improve, and advance the medical profession.