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Nurse Assessment Coordinator

Organize patient care to ensure it's appropriate to each individual person.

What does a Nurse Assessment Coordinator do?

A Nurse Assessment Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of patient care in a treatment facility. Each patient has specific needs and cultural values that must be considered to improve their quality of care and life, be it at a nursing home or at a hospital. The Nurse Assessment Coordinator talks with medical staff, gathers data, and enters it into a computer or passes it on to the Medical Coders to update.

To work as a Nurse Assessment Coordinator, you must be equal parts organized and knowledgeable in nursing. You coordinate the efforts of Registered Nurses to develop individual care plans for patients, and reassess those plans quarterly to suit patients’ changing needs.

Once you’re on the clock, you find yourself traveling all over the building to follow up with Nurses and Doctors on forms they need to fill out, and adding their information to a document known as the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI). The RAI is like a sewing pattern for patient care plans. You follow the general guidelines and tailor them as necessary to meet individuals’ needs.

When you’re not collecting information for the RAI, you’re entering it into the computer. You check that the Medical Coders have the latest info, and double-check records for accuracy. Every new patient needs a single care plan that her Doctors and Nurses have all agreed on. Coordinating the efforts of an entire medical staff proves tricky at times, but quality patient care hinges on keeping the medical team on the same page.