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Numerical Control Tool Programmer

Operate equipment to generate numerical control tape programs.

What does a Numerical Control Tool Programmer do?

Operates optical programming equipment to generate numerical control tape program used to control NC machine tools that drill, mill, rout, or notch printed circuit boards: Analyzes drawings, specifications, and phototool to determine program input data, such as hole sizes, tool sizes, reference points, and direction of machine cutting paths, and calculates data, such as starting point coordinates, size of panels or boards, and number of boards per panel. Draws machine tool paths on phototool, using colored markers and following guidelines for tool speed and efficiency, to prepare phototool for use as tool programming aid. Aligns and secures phototool on reference table of optical programmer. Observes enlarger scope of programmer that projects image of circuit board pattern from phototool. Moves reference table, following previously marked paths, to align phototool circuit pattern holes with reference marks on enlarger scope. Depresses pedal or pushes button of programmer to enter coordinates of hole locations into program memory. Repeats process for each hole location on phototool to enter NC machine instructions, such as hole locations, machine paths, and reference points. Keys in additional instructions, such as tool size, machine feed and speed rates, and starting point coordinates, basing entries on specifications, calculations, and knowledge of machine capabilities and programming techniques. Types commands on keyboard to generate NC tape. Observes trial run of NC machine to verify tape program accuracy. Revises NC tape program to eliminate instruction errors. May operate NC machine tools on production basis.