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Numerical Control Router Set-Up Operator

Set up and operate multiaxis, numerically controlled routing machines.

What does a Numerical Control Router Set-Up Operator do?

Sets up and operates multiaxis, numerically controlled routing machine to cut and shape metallic and nonmetallic workpieces: Selects and positions workpiece on machine bed. Threads perforated or magnetic tape through read head. Inserts precision indicator in machine chuck, and depresses switches to jog chuck into contact with workpiece, synchronize tape and tool, and record setup point. Retracts chuck, and loads and secures first preset cutting tool and holder. Starts machine and observes operation. Compares numerical data displays with specifications on operation sheets, and uses scales, gauges, and micrometer to verify machining operations. Removes and replaces cutting tool when worn or damaged or when new cutting tool is specified by operation sheets. Assembles and presets cutting tools at bench during tape-controlled machining to reduce machine downtime. Repositions workpiece for intermediate setups when specified on operation sheets, and removes and replaces workpiece at end of machining cycle. Verifies new tapes by starting machine and observing operation to detect errors, plotting two-dimensional movement with recording stylus, or by machining sample workpiece and inspecting each cut, using precision gauges.