Numerical Control Machine Operator

Set up and operate numerical control machines to cut metal workpieces.

What does a Numerical Control Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates numerical control machine to cut, shape, or form metal workpieces to specifications: Reviews setup sheet and specifications to determine setup procedure, machining sequence, and dimensions of finished workpiece. Attaches fixture to machine bed and positions and secures workpiece in fixture according to setup instructions, using clamps, bolts, handtools, power tools, and measuring instruments, such as rule and calipers. Assembles cutting tools in toolholders and positions toolholders in machine spindles as specified, using handtools, or inserts cutting tools in specified machine magazines. Loads control media, such as disk, tape, or punch card, in machine control console or enters commands to retrieve preprogrammed machine instructions from data base. Manipulates controls and enters commands to index cutting tool to specified set point and to start machine. Observes and listens to machine operation to detect malfunctions, such as worn or damaged cutting tools. Changes cutting tools and location of workpiece during machining process as specified in setup instructions. Measures workpiece for conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments, such as micrometers, dial indicators, and gauges. Notifies supervisor of discrepancies. May adjust machine feed and speed and change cutters to machine parts according to specifications when automatic programming is faulty or machine malfunctions. May machine materials other than metal, such as composites, plastic, and rubber.