Nuclear Maintenance Technician

Work inside radioactive power-plants, Navy subs or in waste disposal.

What does a Nuclear Maintenance Technician do?

Nuclear technology has changed our world. What was once deemed the stuff of science fiction movies is now an intricate part of our everyday lives. The medicines we take, the medical procedures we undergo, the energy we consume, and the products we buy are all touched by nuclear processes.

As a Nuclear Maintenance Technician, you’re a part of this amazing field. You work to maintain the machines that make all these things possible. A common place of employment for a Nuclear Maintenance Technician is nuclear power plants, but you could work in national defense with weapons or even nuclear submarines. Or, as a Nuclear Maintenance Technician, you could work with Scientists, hoping to discover the next medical equipment breakthrough. The possibilities for this science are endless, and undeniably exciting!

Whether you don a lab coat or a hard hat, you maintain the machines and equipment that handle nuclear materials. This requires attention to detail, knowledge of how radioactive material functions, and an obsessive attention to safety practices.

You work with a team of specialists, including other Technicians and Nuclear Maintenance Engineers. The Engineers provide maintenance schedules, and present their stamp of approval on maintenance projects. Once you get the go-signal, you use specialized equipment to make repairs, construct new machines, replace worn parts, implement new systems, and update aged equipment. To do this safely, you’ll need a technical aptitude for understanding blueprints, good communication skills, and a working knowledge of company and industry standards.