Nuclear Engineer

Design, create, and operate machines used in nuclear power plants.

What does a Nuclear Engineer do?

As a nuclear engineer, you research and develop processes and systems that are used to create nuclear energy and radiation in nuclear power plants. You develop instruments, as well as design and monitor the power plants, and you control nuclear fuel cycles. Nuclear engineers monitor and handle malfunctions, ensure that the disposal of nuclear waste is handled safely, develop nuclear power sources for naval vessels, and research radioactive materials and nuclear reactions and their uses. You also design and develop reactors, supervise the loading of fuel into nuclear reactors, maintain safe radiation levels, and prepare technical reports. Nuclear engineers solve problems in agriculture, medicine, and science industry through the use of radioactive materials and also help design equipment.

To be an entry level nuclear engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree. To be an advanced researcher, you need a master’s degree or a doctorate. To work in any public sector, you must be licensed by the state.