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Nuclear Emergency Planner

Help communities prepare for a nuclear crisis.

What does a Nuclear Emergency Planner do?

To a lot of people, the term “nuclear power” denotes controversy and inspires fear, but the plants that harness this type of power are outfitted with so many safety precautions it would put your mother’s list of rules to shame. As a Nuclear Emergency Planner, you make sure that even if the worst happens, you have a surefire way to save the surrounding city from disaster.

Most nuclear power plants are built right where they’re needed, smack dab in the middle of urban communities. While that means people get the brightest and fastest electricity, it also means that if there was trouble at the plant, then a lot more people could be in danger. That’s where you come in as the Nuclear Emergency Planner; in fact, you come in way before there’s any danger, maybe even before the plant opens.

Collaborating with a team of other like-minded professionals, including Disaster Planners and Business Continuity Managers, you organize a set of instructions to be followed for every possible situation that could arise. Usually, they’re compiled into a manual, which you use to educate the employees of the plant on what to do when faced with a crisis.

You also provide community leaders with a similar outline containing evacuation routes and safety zones. What if there’s a power outage, an earthquake, or a radiation leak? These questions are frightening, but once there are answers in place, the danger decreases drastically.

If you’ve always been the one who can’t stop thinking ahead or is always expecting the worst, perhaps a career as a Nuclear Emergency Planner, is for you. Some people won’t appreciate this as a skill, but once your sharp thinking and foresight have saved a city from a nuclear meltdown, perhaps even the skeptics will be cheering you on.