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Nuclear Chemistry Technician

Make sure nuclear chemicals in the environment are within safe levels.

What does a Nuclear Chemistry Technician do?

Nuclear science is responsible for many modern-day inventions. Medical procedures (think x-rays), nuclear warfare, and a percentage of the world’s energy are all results of this technology.

In small, carefully controlled doses, nuclear energy is very useful. But, as with all technology, we take the good with the bad. In the case of nuclear chemicals, large releases result in toxic radiation levels and danger to the workers who handle them.

As a Nuclear Chemistry Technician, you monitor the levels of chemicals in the air, water, and soil to ensure that contamination levels are within a safe range. This work might be performed following an accident or as a responsible part of research programs. Most commonly, as a Nuclear Chemistry Technician, you work at power production plants.

Regardless of your environment, Nuclear Chemistry Technicians focus on lab techniques and accuracy as you collect and test samples. You carefully analyze results, and use the information to write up reports on your findings. You bring concerns to the attention of your superiors, and ensure that the proper actions are taken to bring dangerous readings back down to safe levels.

This job can be dangerous, so you adhere to all safety guidelines and take all necessary precautions. In addition, you practice safe lab procedures, and maintain equipment to minimize danger. Other requirements include attention to detail, the ability to follow directions, and well-honed oral and written communication skills.