Novelty Maker II

Operate machines to mold and freeze ice creams or fruit juices.

What does a Novelty Maker II do?

Operates machines and equipment to mold and freeze ice cream, fruit juice, or syrup stick novelties: Positions molds on machine, using hoist or places mold pans on conveyor. Attaches single or double extrusion valves to filler head with handtools. Observes gauges, turns valves, and starts pumps, to regulate temperatures of solutions in brine, wash, rinse, and chocolate dip tanks, and pressure in pneumatic power lines. Places sticks in dispensers of inserting machine and positions sticks over mold. Loads bags or cartons into dispensers or wrapping paper onto spindle and adjusts guides and controls on packaging machine [CARTON-FORMING-MACHINE OPERATOR; PACKAGER, MACHINE]. Starts machines that freeze, coat, wrap, and eject novelties onto packing table. Inserts depth gauge into molds to measure fill and turns dial to obtain prescribed level. Weighs novelty and turns dial to adjust freezer speed or air intake to obtain specified thickness of mixture. Removes jammed sticks from dispensing slots, using pliers or picks.