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Nonprofit Business Manager

Monitor cash flow to keep a nonprofit organization afloat.

What does a Nonprofit Business Manager do?

Nonprofit agencies raise money to support a variety of causes. Whether your passion is in helping children, animals, or the environment, there is a nonprofit organization that can use your skills. As Nonprofit Business Manager, you monitor the ebb and flow of resources (mainly money) in order to provide the biggest benefit to the most recipients. This means stretching the resources as far as they will go.

In contrast to the typical business model, the not-for-profit organization does not have the convenience of a constant money stream coming in. This means that as a Nonprofit Business Manager you need to be a little more creative than a typical Business Manager, and put your fingers in a few more pies. For example, coordinating fundraising efforts is a huge part of your job as a Nonprofit Business Manager. In addition, you guide the many volunteers typical in nonprofit companies. These volunteers and other staff help take the weight of your shoulders, so you’ll want to nurture their talents and heap on the praise to keep them motivated.

In addition to managing people and resources, you’ll be taking in money and paying bills. You make the bank deposits and settle accounts at month end. You create financial reports, maintain personnel files, assist employees with benefit package information and print the paychecks. In general, since a whole lot of things in not-for-profits are arranged around “the budget,” you are the go-to person for everyone in the office.

The many duties of Business Manager make it a great career-launching point, a stepping stone for those looking to advance, or a rewarding opportunity to devote yourself to a worthy cause.